Though in its first year of operation, Croatia Boat Trips is a project many years in the making. Recently launched by Dario Besic after years of working at sea in the tourism industry, Croatia Boat Trips offers the expertise of a local and the professionalism of an industry pro. With brothers Dominik and Duje working alongside Dario as tour leaders and sailors, Croatia Boat Trips is very much a family business. The Besic family dominates both air and sea: Dad is in the air force and is a skilled aerial photographer. Many of the gorgeous photos of our beautiful tour destinations were captured by him!

A native Croatian, Dario’s knowledge of the local area goes beyond expert to personal. He infuses his tours, right down to the routes, with his personality, local knowledge and, most of all, fun! Dario knows the most amazing spots to swim and snorkel, the most beautiful and secluded beaches, the best bars in town, and the storied culture of the local islands.

His many years spent working as a Deck Officer for Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean Cruises, and his work during the inaugural season of Uber Boats put him in a unique position to both care for the safety of his guests and ensure that they have a great time. His enthusiasm is contagious and his passion for his work is evident. Croatia Boat Trips can’t wait to lead you on the adventure of your dreams!